Our Sockeye Salmon come from Bristol Bay Alaska, home of the largest Sockeye run in the world.  These fish are returning to the Naknek, Kvichak, Nushagak, Togiak, Ugashik and Egegik rivers to swim to their birthplace at the lakes that feed these rivers.

Sustainability has become a “Chic” tagline these days but has been a mainstay in Alaska since the inception of Alaska’s statehood in 1959. The founding fathers were cognizant of the importance to manage their natural resources for the future and actually crafted an article to their state constitution mandating that all resources in the state be managed under the Sustainable Yield Principle.

Alaska Fish and Game monitors the return of fish with sonar and also manually with biologists stationed on each river actually counting fish as they return.  This tedious procedure insures that enough fish are able to make it up river to spawn and renew the resource.  When fish first begin showing up in mid June, it is not just an open season for harvesters.  Each river is monitored for a pre determined escapement rate and fishing periods are dictated by this escapement.  In addition, harvesting vessels are limited in size to a maximum of 32’.

Once fish are harvested, they are bled, chilled in RSW (refrigerated sea water) and offloaded to tender vessels that deliver fish to town daily for processing.  The use of tender vessels allows the fleet to stay on the fishing grounds.  In addition to delivering fish to town, the tenders also supply fuel and fresh water to the harvesters.  The only need a harvesting vessel must to go into town for is to replenish groceries or for mechanical issues.

Once the fish are delivered to our processing facility, they are filleted, pin boned, vac packed and frozen immediately.  We freeze at the source to preserve freshness.

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